Upgrading Your Carpet Pad

Upgrading Your Carpet Pad

Along with great carpet comes a quality pad. What you put under your carpet is equally important as the carpet itself and can make all the difference from a comfort and quality standpoint. This is why it is important to consider upgrading to better quality carpet pad when purchasing new carpet.

Types of Carpet Pad

There are several different types of carpet pad available. Qualities vary wildly as does cost. Rebond carpet padding is the most common type of pad and most homeowners who have had carpet in their homes have probably walked on this type of pad. This is among the cheapest of the pad types and is made of recycled foam. Traditionally, it has a multicolored appearance. Rebond carpet padding is usually considered the standard choice for most homeowners.

Frothed foam carpet pad is incredibly durable and far more dense than other types of foam. More than likely frothed foam pad will outlast the carpet it is under. It is used most commonly with broadloom carpet but is a bit more expensive than the other options. It is not affordable for everyone but is one of the best types of carpet pad.

Memory foam carpet pad is infused with gel to give it the traditional memory foam “feel”. The same memory foam that is in pillows, slippers, and all sorts of other products, can be installed under your carpet as well. This will obviously produce a very comfortable and cushy feel. However, this is not the best choice for high traffic areas, as memory foam pad does not hold up as well over time.

The Function of Carpet Pad

Carpet pad is more than just functionally comfortable. It acts in a similar fashion to the shock absorbers of your car. It helps to cushion the step but also helps to protect the carpet itself. Without carpet pad, a carpet would be torn to shreds in no time. Good carpet pad makes cleaning your carpet more efficient and will aid in the performance of your vacuuming. It also helps to keep cold air out and warm air in. Pad also acts as a sound dampener in addition to the already noise reducing carpet that is placed on top of it.